Getting to New York

A number of people have asked me how in the world I ended up in New York City. Here is the story, to the best of my memory. The entire series of events takes place over three or four weeks, so I will break it up into multiple parts.

Part I. The Call

I had been consulting for right about a year and a half, and things were looking pretty good. Chris and I, under the company name of Gestault Solutions, had managed to architect and implement a complete resource scheduling system for outpatient healthcare centers. We were not without the help and business guidance of Randall, who is perhaps one of the most intelligent and honorable businessmen I will ever meet.  I’ll be the first to admit, it was an incredible undertaking for such a small team in such a short time, and I while I may wince at a few spots in the codebase, I’m proud to have worked with Chris and Randall on it. Continue reading “Getting to New York”