Browser Compatibility and the Sanity of Web Developers

Since I’ve decided to get this blog rolling, one of my primary objectives was to ensure a consistent, high quality experience for any platform visitors come from. Obviously, it’s impossible to test the myriad of browsers out there, but I think it’s useful to at least test on the top three engines, namely Trident (Internet Explorer), Gecko (Firefox), and WebKit (Safari / Chrome). I also test on Opera, even though it has little market share. Hopefully I’ll get my traffic statistics going again soon, so  I can prove more definitively that sixty something percent of the ten people who come here use Firefox anyway.

So that leave three or so of you guys using IE. Well, I hate to break it to you, but your browser sucks. It really does. Web developers everywhere have been rejecting Microsoft’s browser for some time now, which has given rise to the healthy market share Firefox has had.

How does this affect you and me, you may be wondering. Well, let’s do a case study on the site you’re looking at right now, since I’m fixing it up anyway. Continue reading “Browser Compatibility and the Sanity of Web Developers”