Patterns with MEF and RX

Since I started using RX, events have played less and less of a role in my code. It’s true that in the same way LINQ has relegated for-loops to only niche situations, RX is making events all but obsolete. What does this mean for the EventAggregator? Certainly, you can implement your own version using RX. But, if you happen to be using MEF (preferably as your IOC container) you can even get rid of that. Continue reading “Patterns with MEF and RX”

The Right Way to do INotifyPropertyChanged

It’s sad how much controversy there is in doing something as simple as raising property change notification to our subscribers. It seems to me that we should have settled on something by now and moved on to bigger problems, yet, still, I see developers at every level of experience doing it differently.

I want to inform you all that you’re doing it wrong. Continue reading “The Right Way to do INotifyPropertyChanged”